• Essential manicure – $20.00
    Soak tired fingers in our heated nail bubble spas. We file to your preference, and clean cuticles. Relax with our hand and arm massage, then receive the OPI polish of your choice.
  • Spa Manicure – $25.00
    Indulge in our essential manicure procedure, plus a little extra pampering. Receive a salt or sugar exfoliating scrub of your choice to remove dead skin cells, and relax with a paraffin wax hand dip to lock in moisture.
  • Regular polish only – $10.00

CND Shellac

A form of gel polish.

  • CND Shellac – $25.00
  • CND Shellac & manicure – $35.00

ANC Dip Powder

Dip powders are a safe, healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish. Compared to acrylics, dip powders are faster to apply and do not have an odor. They leave the nail bed healthy and undamaged. They are more durable than gel and just as durable as acrylics.

ANC Service Price
Color $40.00 & up
French $45.00 & up
Color with tips $50.00 & up
French with tips $55.00 & up
French fill-in $35.00 & up
Pink fill-in $24.00 & up


  • Main Street Classic Pedicure – $40.00
    Soak, trimming/shaping nails, cuticle grooming, buffing, lotion massage and polish.
  • Brick Street Spa Pedicure – $45.00
    Enjoy all the luxuries of our Main Street Classic Pedicure and then some. Includes a marine sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells, hot towel, lotion massage and polish.
  • Uptown Spa Pedicure – $55.00
    Enjoy everything the Brick Street Spa Pedicure has to offer plus cooling gel, paraffin dip and polish.
  • Gents Pedicure – $25.00
    Light soak, trimming/shaping nails, cuticle grooming, buffing, and cuticle oil
  • Gents Signature Pedicure – $35.00
    Enjoy the gents pedicure with an added callus treatment, cucumber heel therapy, lotion massage, hot towel & cuticle oil
  • Gel Polish available upon request – $12.00
  • Nail Art – $3.00 to $8.00 per nail